Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Interwebs and First Drafts

Photo by Javi Masa

My internet has returned! Mostly. It's 99% better than it was (you know, when it was out for hours on end), but it does cut back out a little sometimes. Makes watching Netflix super annoying. But I do it anyway.

In other news: I finished my first draft of my latest book!!!!!

Sometimes it's too easy for me to keep thinking about all the work I still need to do. It's too easy to think to, "What if this one is just like all the others? Tons of work and, in the end, nothing comes of it."

But I've got to believe that I'm learning, and I'm getting better. I do love this story and this world. I'm hoping this time I finally cracked the code. And, if not .... I guess there's always the next book.

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