Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And Then I Dug A Hole

This photo really doesn't do justice to the depth of this hole.

Well, our well ran dry. It wasn't my metaphorical well of ideas and good thoughts either. It was our water well. I gotta tell you, sometimes you don't realize that taking a hot shower is a luxury, but it is.

Also: it is very hard to go to the bathroom without water, and having clean hands is awfully nice.

I could stand waist deep in this sucker.

So rather than writing, I spent a good chunk of this weekend digging an enormous hole.

Got my butt muddy and gross.
(Yes - that is mud I tell you.)

Turns out we'd sprung a leak, and they had to get down to the pipey bits of the well to fix them. To save a little cash (and get a very good workout), I dug me a hole.

I cut open a big contractor bag and made it a tent.
Because I wanted to do it up right.

I'm oddly proud of this - probably because everybody kept expecting my husband to dig it, but I accomplished it all on my own. My husband was at work, or I'm sure he would have helped a little.

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