Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Different Paths

Fork In the Road
A Fork in the Road
By Bs0u10e0
From what I can tell there are a million plus paths to becoming a published author.

A critique partner friend of mine just got herself an internship at a good literary agency, and I had a moment of: Am I doing this wrong?

A former critique partner got herself an agent through a contest she'd entered, and I had a moment of: Am I doing this wrong?

A cousin of mine is a very engaged and successful You-Tuber. She got the phone number of a dream literary agent of mine through a conference panel, and, well, you know what I asked myself.

foggy forest path
A Mist-hidden Path
By Indy Kethdy
Don't get me wrong, there are amazing opportunities out there, and the people who take advantage of them are sure to get themselves, well, an advantage. For example, my friend working with the literary agent will be reading a ton of query letters and manuscripts and learning a lot about what works and what doesn't. So through her hard work, she'll be making some serious progress on the writing front (that I might get to benefit from too - because she's still critiquing my stuff  & she's awesome.)

But I can't enter every contest. I would be irritated if I spent all my time engaged on Twitter, and I don't have the time or patience (or possibly capability) to get myself an internship. So far I've shuddered at the thought of all those people at a conference, but I might need to bring myself around on that one.

So here I sit, working away at my books and slowly but surely improving at this writing thing and tippity tapping away at my blog, and I'm hoping that'll get me somewhere too.

old luggage
And what might these contain?
Photo by THOR
Hey, at least I'm not counting on someone important finding my lost manuscript in a bag I abandon on the subway. Although .... that would be awesome.

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