Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Flaming Phoenix

phoenix, flying
My Phoenix

I sent my book off to my Critique Partners (CPs) and have had a little too much time on my hands to worry and wonder what they're thinking of my book (you know, when I wasn't out digging holes and conversing with plumbers and well experts).

So this week I decided to paint myself a flaming phoenix. Mostly I wanted to paint a pretty bird, but then I got out the reds and yellows, and it turned into a phoenix.

I asked my husband what a good landscape for a phoenix would be, and he said, "A volcano!" Which seemed like a good idea to me.

phoenix close up, volcano
A Close-up!

I was going to offer this delightful phoenix to my sister. She's having her second baby this year, and I suggested a Mythical Beasts theme for the room (Child #1 got a jungle theme). My sister said she thinks that Child #2 will get the jungle themed room and Child #1 will get his very own train-themed room.

I informed her that mythical beasts are waaaayyyyy cooler than trains. She said that Child #1 loves Thomas The Tank Engine (a fact I did know) and is not really willing to love mythical beasts just because I think they're way cooler. I told her that her child's tastes are lame.

She informed me that two-year-olds are not known for being flexible (in a very sarcastic manner, I might add). And she'll get right on making him love Mythical Beasts instead of trains, but she's not so sure how well that's going to pan out for me.

I take solace in the fact that I'm right.

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