Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Flattened Brain

flat coke can
This is my brain on editing.
Photo by J J

I've been busy with work and family stuff, so I feel like my writing time's suffered (or I've been ignoring it.) Slowly but surely, I have been revising the problem areas of my book, but it feels like that's taking forever, and I already fixed the worst parts.

exhausted cat
This is how I felt after hours of editing.
Photo by Xerones

This weekend I got sick and tired of not having my book out with my critique partners (let alone out on the query circuit), so I got serious and started one last pass on the book. Trimming back as much as I can, adding clarity, and editing anything that needs editing.

My brain is shot. Every now and then I sort of stare off into space, blink, realize I'm staring off into space, and start typing again. I'm pretty sure this is what my brain thinks I just did to it:
dramatic child
Photo by peasap
In case you are concerned, "peasap" assures all Flickr/Creative Commons users that this is a statue.

I got about a third of the way through my book, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. Too bad I can't just change my brain out, and start afresh, right?
changing a flat
Photo by AHLN

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