Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Went To The Zoo!

slightly grumpy tortoise
The tortoise was my favorite. You'll be treated to two photos of him (her?).
He says hello (rather grumpily).

With my book, I got some feedback, and I've been adding tension and chopping away any expendable slow bits I can bear to part with. I'm kind of busy these days, but I always take at least half an hour a day to work on my book. On the weekends, I set aside more time. However, none of that is nearly as cool as my pictures from the zoo!

lions, Philadelphia zoo

tiger, Philadelphia zoo
And Tigers

red panda, Philadelphia zoo
And bears, oh my!
(Red pandas count, right?)

Now, I certainly enjoyed the zoo, but if I'm perfectly honest, this little bugger (my nephew) was the real reason for the trip. Mom & Dad went along too. His favorite part was definitely the gorilla.
boy and gorilla

 My favorite part (other than the tortoises, which were super cool but not exactly exciting) was when the tiger strutted about over our heads:
tiger pacing overhead

Flamingo, Philadelphia zoo
The flamingos were quite beautiful.
Glad the zoo gives them the synthetic canthaxanthin they need to stay pink.

And of course, last but not least, the tortoise (again):
tortoise in water

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