Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I Made a Pirate Hat - Avast Ye Mateys!

For Christmas this year, my husband got a Lego Pirate Ship and a Pirate Hat I made him, because, well, why not?

I'm going to save the payoff shot of the hat for last because it's super awesome. I promise.

Lego Pirate Ship
That is a Lego dragon perched on the backmost mast.
Because, duh, pirates have to fight off dragons all the time.

This is the little rowboat for the pirate ship.
The snooty captain type is fending off a shark with his little lego sword.

Sadly, I killed my camera off by dropping it (I can confirm - dropping cameras is not good for them), so all photos are from my phone. And for some reason, my phone REALLY likes to use the flash - even when it means washed out photos.

I based my pirate hat on this lady's DIY post, but instead of stretching felt to make the head bit of the hat, I put my felt on a pyrex bowl that has a similar fatness to my husband's head, made 4 long snips from each corner, and sewed it up.

There's a bowl under all that felt.
Good thing pyrex makes some large bowls. Nigel's head is quite large.
This photo also features my feet in their comfy slippers.

Made a lining for the head bit, glued the two head shaped pieces together with felt glue, and made two big circles with a hole in the middle for the brim.

Fortunately the two brim pieces went around the edges of the head bit because that part was messy looking.

Starting to come together.

I used thin, white bias tape to make the edges look purdy. I think this either looks like a cool sun hat or some odd, priest-type hat. Not quite sure which.

I'm hugging my morning tea (the yellow thing).
And wearing my big, comfy sweatshirt.
You can't tell from across the internet, but I haven't had my morning shower yet, so I wouldn't get too close.

And then, bam!
(Okay, so actually, with a lot of sewing and cutting and skull and cross-swords making):
Nigel the Pirate.
He was too busy sorting his Magic cards to pose, but it's a cool hat.
I even bought white ostrich feathers for a flare.

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