Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jane Austen's Eternal Sass

I just read an article that said all these pretty cool things about Jane Austen, and reminded me why I like her books more than so many of the other Classics I've read.

For me, what it boils down to is that her characters and her books have this sense of Lighthearted Fun that you don't get very often from the books you've got to read in English class. Really, for me, it's that sass that all her main characters seem to have. Sure Shakespeare had some comedies, and Dickens had his moments, but, for me, if you want to smile and shake your head as you're reading, it's Jane Austen all the way.

Photo by SomeDriftwood

That's all for this week. A moment taken to appreciate Jane Austen.

Go read the article. It makes some cool points about how Jane Austen was ahead of her time in the way she wrote her books even though there are a lot of people who want to write her off as romantic fluff.

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