Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Flowers And Photos

So I had every intention of writing a very focus, writing-oriented post this week. Then I got my new camera, tried to upload some photos to my laptop, and was told I was Out Of Photo Space.

I took this photo!
It's at a waterfall in NY state somewhere.

So instead of composing a well thought out blog post, I went to town "editing" (see how I'm trying to make it relate back to writing) my photo collection. Whilst skimming through years of photos, I decided to pull out my Favorite Flower Photos.

Moody buttercups.
Also NY state.

I have this Thing for taking photos of flowers.

Devil's Tower, plus flowery weeds.
It's an addiction, really.

So pretty, so tiny, so purple.

I thought it was funny I drove across the country and the pretty purple flower looks nearly the same.
Yellowstone National Park

This poor bedraggled flower is, oddly, a favorite of mine.
Badlands National Park, SD

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