Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blogs: Slightly More Relevant Than Soda Fountains

soda fountain, 50s
Photo by Stanley Sagov

Blogging into the Great Wide Open

The internet is a fickle friend. You think you know it, but then it goes and changes on you. It reminds me of that funny yet accurate quote from Grampa Simpson:
I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now what I'm with isn't "it," and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me! ... It'll happen to you!
-From Season 7, Episode 24 "Homerpalooza"
Fortunately, I'm not terribly concerned about being with "it," but, as this article from literary agent Jessica Faust points out, if I ever actually publish a book, not only will I have to do research on current and effective means of publicizing that book, I'd have to keep an eye out for changes, and every few years I have to stop and think about whether the stuff that used to work still works.

All that's a bit far fetched for me right now, but I still enjoyed her short walk through the transition to blogging as the be-all, end-all for internet connection to Facebook and Twitter being the best way to reach a captive audience. And I'm sure that'll change again in a few years.

old Wang computer
I enjoy the fact that this computer says "Wang."
Photo by Taryn Domingos

In the Beginning

I'm pretty sure I got into blogging once it was already past its prime. I just kind of prefer the format. For some reason I go through phases where I just can't stand to look at Twitter (perhaps because I never feel like I'm capable of being clever in 140 characters or less).

And I got out of the FB habit because I already talk to the few high school friends I want to keep in touch with, and I have no desire to see the political and social views of people I barely know. It just didn't seem like a recipe for fun.

I do browse Reddit, but I rarely post comments, let alone actual new content. Again, I'm not sure I can contribute much cleverness to that world.
I tried out Tumblr and did enjoy the pretty pictures, but I got pretty bored with that after a while, and posting photos from the Creative Commons didn't feel like it was actually much of a contribution to that online world.

But blogging . . . that I can handle.

typewriter graveyard
Photo by Filipe Miguel

Why I Blog

Here on my own blog, I can say whatever I want (although I try to keep it within reason) and I get enough space that I can be as clever as I'm capable of (not that I manage to be clever all that often).

And if nobody reads it, well, at least nobody can down vote me here either. It's my own space, and I like it.

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