Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fall Flowers for Spring, Plus a Writing Update

bee on flower

In cleaning up my photos, I re-found some photos I took on a visit to Longwood Gardens (in the fall). So - more flower photos for you.

dessert theft
Nigel steals my delicious dessert!

This isn't actually much of a writing update because my news is that I put six queries out into the world. I'd been holding off on queries until I got some help from a critique partner in sprucing mine up. So, they're out there. We shall see.

water lilies
So many cool water lily ponds.

In writing my new YA sci fi, I'd set a goal for myself to get to the 50k point by the end of April, but with the query-storming session in the middle of the month, I'm currently at the 40k point. (I started at 20k.) I still have a little hope that I can crash through the last bit on Saturday, but I'll admit it's not likely.

But Longwood Gardens sure was pretty:

And one more:
conspiring orchids
These two look like they're conspiring together.