Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Driving through Utah: Sunrise, Sunset

Sarah and Nigel, Arches National Park
This was actually still in Arches.
It's where I took that panorama from last week's post.
But I like to start off with a little human interest: Me & Nigel.

I took about a million photos on my road trip out West. But people ain't got time for that. (Before I deleted any, I did have over a thousand photos. Because I'm crazy. I'm "only" planning to print about 250, and only intend to subject my dear blog readers to about 30 or so.)

My photo posting solution: break up my photos over a few week's worth of blog. That way I get to show off all my most favorite photos without being too annoying. I'm brilliant! ;)

Nigel and I only spent half a day in Canyonlands National Park because, well, Arches was kinda cooler. But it did have a few gorgeous sites:

Canyonlands National Park, Mesa Arch

Canyonlands was also where my one other panorama from the trip was taken:

Canyonlands National Park panorama
I thought it turned out very cool.
Cool enough that I'll pretend the fact it's hanging off the page doesn't bother me.
Not the least little bit.

This was our first night camping on the trip. Because tents aren't the most comfortable thing ever, we were up super early and did manage to get this shot on the way out of the park:

Utah sunrise

I'd say a the lack of sleep was worth it.

The road to Bryce Canyon was quite beautiful, but our favorite part was a quick stop off at the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park.

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, Sarah Hipple
I look a bit dorky, but, well, I kinda am.

petrified wood
The colors in the petrified wood were gorgeous.
I'm trying to cut back to only my most favorite photos, 
but I couldn't leave this one out!

We arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park pretty late, but not too late to catch the sunset:

sunset, Bryce Canyon National Park
I love this photo for the two beams of light on the mountain tops.

sun set, Bryce Canyon National Park
But then I love how pink and mystical the background mountain is.

I'd say eight photos for one blog post just about does it. Next week: Bryce Canyon. Nigel and I went on a hike just as the sun was rising, and the shadows (and rock formations) are quite gorgeous. I know I'm using that word pretty often in these posts, but, as the photos show, I think it's warranted.

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