Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roadtrippin' Out West: Arches National Park

driving out west
First sights of Utah!

My husband and I decided we were brave adventurers, ready for a trip to Utah and beyond. We did slightly regret not stopping in Colorado, but there was only so much time, and so much to see.

Arches national park
Nigel at Arches National Park

There was actually more green than I imagined there'd be. I mean, it was a shrubby sort of green, but still, it was there. I love the photo above because of the crazy red rock structures that were just plopped down on the plains and the snow capped mountains in the background. Plus, I'm a sucker for dramatic skies.

Double Arch, Arches National Park
Double Arch at Arches National Park

Nigel's one of those people in the foreground. My photo doesn't do the thing full justice. It was quite gorgeously red.

sky and red rock
Inside the double arches.

Nigel went climbing all around on the double arch. I, however, laid down and took a few photos of the sky through the arches. I think I win.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

One of Utah's most famous landmarks: the Delicate Arch. It really is quite cool. There was a whole line of people waiting to stand inside the arch so they could get a photo of themselves in the middle. You can see one of the tiny people in the middle off in the background. Nigel and I figured the photos from a distance would suffice.

flower, Arches National Park

And, because I couldn't resist, I'm ending this post with one of my (multitude of) flower photos. Nigel always makes fun of me for my obsession, but I think this one turned out cool. You can even see a little spider web clinging to the edges.

Alright, just one more: a panorama from one of our Arches hikes:

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