Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Your Title Matters

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For me, one of the most interesting things that Kristin Nelson and her team had to say about queries was that a great title can give you a real edge.

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Great Titles = Query Magic

First they said that if a book has an awesome title, it will catch their eye, and they're more likely to give the query a shot. Obviously you still need a decent pitch, but I think getting their attention is half the battle.

Here's both vultures, catching some rays.

Funny Title Trends

Apparently, titles follow trends. One year, the title "Second Chances" was so popular that they started keeping track of the number of queries they got for different books titled "Second Chances."

Nowadays, the YA trend is a title with the form [Noun] & [Noun] and apparently the nouns are usually one of the following (in any order): ash, bone, shadow, etc. (Sadly, I didn't write down the full list. Those are the only three words I got, but I think it paints a picture.)  I imagine Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor are the reason for this trend.

Following the title trend is going to do you no favors. Which is sad because you are supposed to know what books are trendy and how your book fits into the books that are selling like hot cakes (mmmmmmm, cake), but your book shouldn't fit in so much that it starts to blur into all the others.

Ah, the wonderful world of queries and writing. If any of you have any awesome title suggestions, lemme know.

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