Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bryce Canyon Highlights

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Nigel at Bryce Canyon National Park

I worked on the query I'd mentioned last week and sent out a few letters. My current plan is to leave those be, and if I don't have any requests, enter this year's Pitch Wars, which is an awesome competition hosted by Brenda Drake. For those who don't know, Brenda is a newer author who, prior to being published, started a blog from which she hosts writing competitions (among other things; I'm sure there's much more to her, but that is the relevant part here).

Bryce Canyon National Park, shadows
You can see me and Nigel in the shadows.

And, with that writing update out of the way, I am going to keep showing off my favorite photos from Bryce Canyon, which was actually our favorite of the Utah National Parks.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Nigel
Nigel strolling. I'm the shadow off to the left.

Nigel and I got up very early to take a stroll through the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon. The tall, column-like rocks are hoodoos, and according to the legends of the Native American people of the land, these rock columns used to be people who were turned to stone by the Coyote god because of their greed.

Bryce Canyon National Park, hoodoos
Some of these hoodoos were massive!
(That's Nigel in front.)

We took our walk just after sun rise, which is why I have some very cool shadows in my photos.

Bryce Canyon National Park, alien landscape
This landscape looked like it was straight out of science fiction.

And one more:

Bryce Canyon National Park, sunrise
Nigel walking into the sunshine.

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