Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Utah in HD

Bryce Canyon sunset
I posted my untreated version of this photo and the next one last week.
I honestly think this is a more accurate representation of what we saw.
And so gorgeous.

You know what drove me nuts? Nigel (my husband) would take a photo on his phone, and it would look way better than the photo I took on my point and shoot camera. I had a whole device devoted just to photo taking, and Nigel's stupid phone did a better job!

Isn't that dramatic pink gorgeous?

I think part of that was just that his phone had a bigger screen, so you could see the image better, but cameras just cannot see what the eye can see, and I think his phone did a little more to treat the photo so it looked more like what our eyes see.

Zion National Park, the Narrows
The photo was so dark, but this program really pulled out the detail.
Honestly, though, it was even better in real life.

So last week, I downloaded Nik, Google's free photo processing software. Take that, stupid phone!

Zion National Park, Narrows, before

Zion National Park, Narrows, after
You can actually see the rocks and trees!

So here I am, showing off a few of my favorite, processed photos. Especially because I've been spending a decent chunk of my writing time obsessing over photos.

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