Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gorgeous Sedona

columbine flowers, sedona
We went on a very oddly green hike in these (typically) dry, red hills.
Here's Nigel, all flowery.

I suspect my posts are going to get short and maybe even forgotten. I signed up for a few online classes this semester, and I really, really like to get good grades (it's actually a bit of an obession). So I suspect that I'll be focused on that in upcoming months. (Actually, for the next year). So just a heads up. I still love you guys. I'm just a wee bit crazy about classwork.

sedona, AZ, red rocks
Nigel surveys his domain.
Or not, as the case may be.

Sedona was our last big stop on the road trip that I've been playing out in blog posts for approximately forever.

(On my writing front: I'm resting my recently finished WIP, and going to start revising soon-ish.)

sedona, red rocks, cactus flower
Cactus flowers and red rocks.

By this point, we were beat, and Nigel'd booked us into a very fancy, shmancy hotel. We did more relaxing by the pool than hiking here. Which is why I have way less photos.

stormy driving
Stormy trip home.

This last photo isn't even Sedona. I was driving, and there was all sorts of lightning up ahead. I was honestly a bit scared about what we were driving into. And also sad that I didn't managed to get a photo of the lightning. (Nigel yelled at me for trying to photograph lightning as I was driving and took the camera away from me. I mean, he was right and all, but still, it would have been a cool photo.)

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