Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our Grand Destination: The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, orange Globemallow flower
Surprise, surprise. I've got a flower photo for you.

I've been showcasing photos from Utah, but the reason we started planning this whole road trip was because neither my husband nor I had ever seen the Grand Canyon.

South Rim, Grand Canyon
Nigel looking handsome on a hot and sunny hike down.

In writing news, I am waiting to find out if my query got my book into Pitch Wars, but given that it sounds like each mentor got over 100 entries and can only pick one mentee and one backup, I know the odds are grim. I won't know for sure until Aug. 25 but I'm mentally preparing for the worst.

Misty Grand Canyon
One of my fav photos.
The daylight was winding down over all the layers out in the Grand Canyon.

We camped outside the park in a state park. Thank goodness the nights got somewhat cool because the days were a recipe for heat stroke. We stayed well hydrated, but after a misguided middle of the day 110 hike down (down, down) 3 miles and back up, we were wiped for most of the rest of the visit.

sunset silhouette, Grand Canyon
Nigel again.

But we still made sure to capture a few awesome sunset photos.

watching the sun set, grand canyon national park
Nigel appreciating the sun as it set.

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