Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vegas, Hoover Dam: Some Road Trip Leftovers

on Hoover Dam
Nigel hanging out on top of Hoover Dam

I strongly suspect I was not selected for Pitch Wars, which is not terribly surprising. From the looks of it, a lot of the mentors had over 100 applicants each. However, I am currently focusing on the positive, which is the last of my cool photos from my road trip to the Grand Canyon and beyond. (Actually, as this post got a little long, I decided to string this out one more post worth for Sedona, AZ).

I sure have managed to milk these suckers.

Because Nigel and I were running a bit ahead of schedule, and it was so very nearby, we decided to stop off in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip
Lit Lady Liberty

We did not gamble, but we saw some of the spectacle that was the Vegas Strip. Those casinos get pretty crazy. Our fav was The Venetian. Inside, the ceiling was painted like sky, there was a bright blue canal that ran through the shopping area, and all the shops had fronts that were done up like cool old Italian buildings.

Nigel said, "It's like being in Venice, only cleaner!"

We had an amazing, relaxed Italian dinner, which was freaking delicious and then we headed off to see the ginormous ~5 min music video at the Fremont Street Experience:

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas
This is an outdoor street with this enormous TV screen covering it.
There's also a zip line that goes from one end of the street to the other.
There were also a lot of people wearing very . . . interesting outfits.

Like, I said, we didn't do the normal Vegas stuff, but we did really enjoy our visit.

Next stop: Hoover Dam

We got there around noon and had to wait until 3 if we wanted the full Dam Tour (there were a lot of cheesy jokes about damn dam tours; we laughed).

I made Nigel wait around for the full tour. He even admitted I was right afterwards.

Hoover Dam Intake Tower
One of the intake towers that pulls in water for the generators.

Hoover Dam Turbines
The Generators!

inside Hoover Dam
A view of the river from inside the Dam itself.

The heat was melt-your-face-off hot, but we mostly stayed inside and went through the Hoover Dam museum while we waited. We did take a little stroll out over the Dam itself. It's surprisingly gorgeous.

Timeline wise, we actually did this before we hit the Grand Canyon, but I did think I was going to fit all my non-national park stops into one post. Turns out I've got more to say than I thought.

Next week: Sedona, AZ

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