Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Zion National Park Highlights

Zion National Park, the narrows
Nigel hiking against the current.

In continuation of the Sarah's Roadtrip series of blog posts (TM), today I bring you photos from Zion National Park in Utah.

This is probably my most stunning photo from the hike.
And, to be honest, it doesn't do the place full justice.

The particularly intriguing hike at Zion was literally through a river. Apparently there was also a crazy, high-up-on-a-mountain hike, but after exhausting ourselves wading several miles against a current, we decided death defying heights weren't on the agenda.

Virgin River, Narrows, Zion National Park
In real life, the river was a very green color, and the rocks were quite red.
Photos really can't capture what the eye can see.
But I keep trying anyway.

There were, of course, other nice enough parts of Zion that we also saw, but none really compare to the hike through "The Narrows" aka the slot canyon that the Virgin River carved through the rock surrounding it.

Columbine, Zion National Park
A columbine by the river.

Although, I did have one of those moments where I realized that if we hadn't been told that it was awesome to hike THROUGH an ice cold river against a fairly strong current, we'd never have thought, "Man, that sounds like a good idea!" all on our own. I got wet up past my waist on this hike.

Nigel embraces sunlight, Zion National Park
Nigel, embracing the warmth of sunlight.

We were some of the first hikers to get to the river (we set out early to avoid crowds), which meant that we did get some awesome photos of the river without tons of hikers about, but also meant that we were in the shade most of the hike, and it was cold as (insert your own creative expression here).

bluebell, zion national park

I did look to see whether I had photos that weren't from this hike that I could throw in just for a little variety, but, honestly, it wasn't worth it.

One last story from this trip. A story of a treacherous waterfall. You see, when I'm in major pain, I pass out. I've passed out maybe 10-15 times in my life, which is a bit above average (but it's not like it's ever other day or anything). Anyway, there was this waist high little waterfall. I was quite frozen through and ready to get onto dry land, and I wasn't into waiting for my Nigel to get his butt over the middle part (where he attempted to climb up). So I decided to try to climb up the lowest part, aka, right through the waterfall.

waterfall, narrows, zion national park
The treacherous waterfall itself - the part off to the right.
Also, it's taller than it looks, I swear.

Turns out waterfalls are a bit slick, quite cold, and surrounded by very hard rock. I smashed my knee into the rock, ended up getting boosted through by Nigel (after I called out for help), and proceeded to pass out for a few minutes. Poor Nigel was scared I'd get hypothermia or not be able to hike back out, but, in the end I made it out alive, no rescue helicopter necessary.

My takeaway from all this: waterfalls may look nice and pretty, but they'll stab you in the back (or knee) if they get the chance.

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  1. Such beautiful photos!!! I love Zion, too, although I've only been able to do The Narrows once. It's on my list for a future trip, though!