Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Writing Update plus Cool Chapels

little Greek chapel
A chapel on Mykonos
Photo by Jaume Escofet

For today's images, I went to the Creative Commons and put in the word "chapel". I'm not particularly religious, but people do create some amazing, religious spaces. We all get our inspiration from somewhere, and sometimes its fun to appreciate others' artistic endeavors wherever they are.

chapel interior, Tower of London
Chapel at the Tower of London
Photo by Lachlan O'Dea

A Book Nearing Retirement

I got a little over thirty rejections on my MG fantasy The Storm Summoner. After I didn't make it into Pitch Wars, I was considering retiring the book and moving onto the next contender. I've been querying for almost a year, and I thought it might be time.

However, one of my critique partners read the latest version of my book and re-energized me. I re-wrote my second chapter, streamlined my third chapter and took yet another wack at revising my query letter. The funny thing is that I think the query is finally getting pretty good. . . if only it'd been this good when I actually started querying.

I'm also set to attend a small literary conference this upcoming Saturday where I might get a query critique.

Once I've got everything polished yet again, I am going to send out a few more query letters. I might retire the book soon, but I do want to give it another shot.

chapel, nunhead cemetery, London
Chapel at Nunhead Cemetery, London
Photo by Richard Fisher

A Book Coming Into Being

I always try to do it this way. When I'm getting incredibly sad that I need to give up on yet another book, I try to have something new to look forward to. A New Hope, if you will. I have a finished first draft of my YA sci fi. It needs some serious editing, so I won't be ready to query it for quite some time, but it's nice to get a break from querying.

And it's fun to be back into this stage - the stage where I'm still imagining a new world and big changes (re-writes) can happen. With my MG, I've been in the polishing phase for a while now. Some of those changes felt big, but the world's pretty solidly in place. In my new book, it's still a world in flux. (For example, I'm thinking about adding a mob undercurrent to the book.)

So, that's where I am right now.

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