Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In the Thick of Things

Banff National Park
I took this photo in Canada - somewhere in Banff Nat'l Park.
I don't quite remember where exactly.

My post this week will be short and sweet. Or just short.

I have yet another new query that I entered into a contest hosted by Michelle Hauck and others. I'm actually rather excited about this query. It's more lively than many of the others and helps point out what's unique about my book. I find out on Thursday if I got into the contest or not. (This contest is to help me polish my query and then put it in front of a few agents Michelle lined up.)

Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, cold
My husband being cold on a Canadian hike.
I have the name of the place written down somewhere.
Not here, though.
This is from a few years ago.

I'm back into editing. I've set an ambitious goal of editing five chapters a week (which I failed to meet for the first week b/c I spent half of it rewriting my query letter). Now I'm in the midst of editing my YA scifi, which will keep me busy for quite a while.

So. That's what's up in my writing life. And that's about all I've got to say this week. Have a good one!

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