Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Writing from Two Main Character POVs

Nigel and I, several year ago
Badlands National Park (I think)

Well, it happened. I missed a week of blogging. This weekend I began to suspect what I'd done, but I wasn't quite sure until I just checked the dates of my posts because sometimes the weeks start to blur together.

Oh well. I'm back!

I picked a picture of both Nigel and I for my top photo because, first of all, we look super cool in this photo. And second because my draft that I finished back in August (mentioned here) has a dual point of view. So I picked a picture of the two of us!

Get it? Two people = two points of view.

Maybe I shouldn't take any more weeks off from writing these posts. I feel like this one's going poorly.

In an unusual YA twist of events, I haven't actually decided whether the two main characters (Zander and Mara) will be love interests or not. They're telling about a futuristic sci fi governmental collapse from two different perspectives.

One MC's plot, written out in detail.


Plotting this novel was really difficult. I have a lot of subplots and characters that needed to come together. I actually started off by plotting out the villains' perspectives because, as it turns out, villains are pretty good at keeping the plot moving.

Once I knew my major events, I started plotting out each individual MC's full story arc. I'd actually already written a draft of this book (which I don't quite consider my first draft, for some reason) or else I'd have had no idea what the full plot for each character would involve. Those early ideas gave me a lot to work with, but I did make a number of plot-related changes.

Each MC had approximately one page of plotting like the one you see in the image above.

Nigel's Magic cards were taking over our table, infringing on my outlining.
And apparently I've got my blanket on the floor.
What can I say? We're a mess.

Intertwining the Two Plots

Once I knew the plots for each MC, I typed the two different plots up with bullet points for each plot point (and I annotated if it was Zander's or Mara's on each bullet point).

Then I cut apart each bullet point and started weaving together the two stories. There were a few points at which the stories HAD to meet up. But sometimes a few bullet points got grouped together into one chapter. I think I may also have cut one bullet point up into two different chapters.

Then I copied and pasted the two word docs with the two MC's plots together to match up to my new, whole-book outline.

I'm sure other people write dual POV books in other (probably better) ways, but this was how I wrote mine so that the two stories wove together just right.

And now I have to start editing it all ....... ugh. It'd better not mess up my plot structure.

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