Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Autumnal Adventure

Autumnal Nigel, Leaf shirt
While we hiked, Nigel spent a good 5-10 minutes trying to pin this leaf to his shirt.
He stuck the stem through a threat in his shirt.

Next week, I intend to tell a tale of Nigel and his friend, The Stick - if I'm feeling ambitious and if my pictures of the Stick Rescue came out okay. This week, however, is devoted to the pretty pictures I took at World's End State Park. Because those pictures deserve their own blog post.

We started the day bright and early.
Neither of us could sleep.
The views on the way there might have been the best of the trip.
Nigel took photos as I drove.

Note: we did have the camera set to "vivid" or something of that nature, so perhaps some of the colors are a little out there, but they're still quite representative of this park on a bright, Fall day.

Autumnal town
A town along the way.

Fall in the mountains
I feel a little silly with all these driving photos, but this doesn't even do the view justice.

red backpack, fall forest
I took this photo!
It's a Nigel.

World's End State Park, fall, forest
Alright, the views from our hike were quite pretty too.

World's End State Park, Autumn
Approaching one of the park's two, big views.

World's End State Park, Autumn, Mountains, View
The view itself.

World's End State Park, Autumn, forest, rock
One final, foresty photo.

Hope you enjoyed the photographic journey to World's End State Park. It's a nice place. I am busy with my writing, but there's not really much to say about it right now, so I'm sticking to the photos because they're funner.

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