Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A YA Rant

Chepstow by Stewart Black

Good Writing Advice

Some of the best writing advice that I've seen is: Read within your genre. (Which is not to say it's the only thing you should read.)

For me, this means YA and MG sci-fi and fantasy. That's not hard for me. I've had to make more of a point to read MG because I do prefer YA, so I have my writing to thank for the wonderful MG books I've discovered in the past few years (including a personal favorite - Suzanne Collins' Underland Chronicles).

Crown by Jason Train

YA Rants

I have noticed that YA is far more likely to send me ranting to my husband, mostly for one of three reasons:

  1. The protagonist is a whiner. A certain amount of whining is warranted in the sorts of situations YA protagonists typically find themselves in. But if you scale too high on my carefully allotted whin-o-meter, I will go whining to my husband (Oh, the irony).
  2. Love triangles. Sometimes they work. Other times I can overlook them. But overall, I just wish there were less of them.
  3. This one's a little harder to explain, but it boils down to this: if any of major plot points hinge on one of the characters being madly in love with someone they barely know, I will be annoyed. Very annoyed.

In case you can't tell, number three was what set me off recently. I stopped reading a book at the 82% mark because a major plan hinged on the assumption that a male character who had been trained to defend his kingdom wouldn't bother to do so because he was "in love." Talk about a poor plan! I mean, multiple people - some of them adults! - buy into this terrible plan. To me this is just poor plotting (both in the plotting against a kingdom sense and in the plotting  a book sense). At that point I could suspend my disbelief no longer. Plus I was utterly disgusted with these characters. I gave up on them and then came onto my blog to rant a little more.

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