Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Writing Process

I've got my YA sci fi with a great critique partner.

I'm waiting on query feedback from a webinar for my MG fantasy.

So. What to do with my writing brain? I decided to come up with a brand new idea!

My Writing Process

Mapping out a new idea takes a while. I'm not awesome at outlining. I've found that my process is:

  • Idea!
  • Research and Brainstorm
  • Initial outline
  • Write about 20k-60k of the first draft
  • Re-outline with much better plot
  • Write "first" draft, discarding pretty much all of that initial 20k-60k
  • Edit
  • Critique partner feedback
  • Edit
  • New critique partner feedback
  • Edit
  • Husband's feedback
  • Edit
  • Query some. Fail.
  • Edit


That's as close as I come to a writing process, but right now I'm in the develop the idea, research, and brainstorm section. This is always a fun part.

I've been listening to Writing Excuses (a how-to-write podcast), Brandon Sanderson's Youtube BYU classes, and a screenwriting YouTube channel.

I've also been watching movies and history podcasts that deal with the time and place that I want to set this particular book: 1950s in the U.K.

I'm writing background, plot ideas, character ideas, etc. as I think of them.

It's an all over the place sort of brainstorming, but it's one of the most fun parts of writing. A lot of fun "What ifs?" where I get to let my imagination fly free.

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