Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Prometheus: My Masterpiece

I made this!

Paper Mache, Styrofoam, and Spray Paint

I am leaving my current job and wanted a great gift for my mentor/boss. He likes Greek mythology, and likes to think of himself as bringing knowledge down to the people - such as Prometheus brought fire down from Mount Olympus to the humans.

It so happens that Rockefeller Center has a very iconic statue of Prometheus:

Photo by Sharon Mollerus

And so a gift idea was born.

All it took was WAYYYYYY too many hours with my hands in some very cold flour-water paste, and a LOT of tiny chunks of styrofoam all over the kitchen floor.

Initial Conception

That flat styrofoam bit in the middle is the beginnings of Prometheus' head, left arm, body, and left leg.

A lot of glue, tape, styrofoam shaving, trimmed shish kabob sticks, and even some thread went into this body transformation.

Oh, and yarn! Yarn made the face and hair possible.

That bowl is helping to shape the circular bit that goes around the base of the mountain. I'm not really sure what that bit of the statue is all about. Maybe I shoulda found out.

I had to show off the finished product one more time: Back and Front.

Hopefully you can tell - I gave him styrofoam abs!

Seriously, you have no idea how many hours this took. 
Hint: SOOOOOOOOO many!

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