Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What I'm Reading

I've found I'm reading some odd stuff ever since I started writing, and it's rather fun. Right now I'm the midst of the following:

Photo by Vinoth Chandar
  • Man of Honor by Joseph Bonanno - Bonanno was born in Sicily and moved to New York when he was a young man. He went on to found one of the Five Families - the five mafia families that ruled New York City's criminal enterprises (and beyond). It's very interesting hearing what he's got to say for himself, although you've got to almost remind yourself every other page what exactly he's talking about because he doesn't think he did a single thing wrong.

Photo by mjtmail (tiggy)
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - a YA SFF that's quite fun, although it does have the requisite slew of young men in love with our protagonist. But at least she's got some cool powers, and there's a much bigger picture of a country and world at war and the fact that there's really not great solutions when one's in such a situation.

Photo of Johannesburg by Andrew Moore
  • Born a Crime by Trevor Noah - I'm not usually so immersed in the world of non-fiction, but this sounded too interesting to pass up. Trevor Noah took over the Daily Show from Jon Stewart, but this story is about the fact that he was born to a white man and black woman in apartheid-ruled South Africa where it was literally a crime for him to be created. I heard an interview with him, where he said that he started out writing this story thinking he was the hero of his own life, but as he was writing he realized his mother was the true hero, and he was just the scrappy sidekick.

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