Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Homemade Christmas

My husband and I tend to make our own Christmas trees. The first year that we did so, we bought a fake pine garland and wrapped it around his lunch box (which was vaguely Christmas tree shaped).

This year we got very high-falutin'. We used hot glued chopsticks as a base and used yarn to attach popsicle sticks to the chopsticks. Then we took that same garland from many years ago (maybe about 8 years ago) and wrapped it around our creation, which we had stuck into a beer bottle. This is the result:

We also created homemake presents in addition to a homemade tree.

I made Nigel a Bender head on a stick (if you know the character, this seems funny rather than creepy - he's a robot from the TV show Futurama who once sold his own body to make money from the scrap metal.)

Nigel made me an awesome little dragon out of construction paper, pipe cleaners, egg carton, googly eyes, and popsicle sticks.

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